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Color-Coded Pistol Grips

The pistol grip and flow-control handle are insulated to protect the operator from the high temperatures generated by fluids passing through the nozzle. Color-coded pistol grips and handle covers are available from Task Force Tips, Inc. in black (standard), green, red, blue, orange, yellow, and white. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) G-12E subcommittee, Aircraft Ground Deicing Equipment, has accepted the following color-coding for deicing and anti-icing fluids.

Red with Yellow StripeRed with Yellow StripeDeicing Fluid
Red with Yellow Stripe
Green with Yellow StripeGreen with Yellow StripeAnti-icing Fluid
Green with Yellow Stripe

Two pistol grips with the above coding are included with each nozzle if you wish to follow this practice.
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