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Effec. 07/01/2018

Handheld Nozzles
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Task Force Tips ice control nozzles have been specifically designed to apply water-, glycol-, or water/glycol-based ice control fluids to aircraft exterior surfaces at fluid temperatures up to 210°F (99°C). The proper use of deicing agents aids ground-support professionals in the removal of ice from aircraft fuselage, landing gear, and wing surfaces and helps prevent ice and snow from adhering to the wings of aircraft. This may extend holdover times and help make air travel in cold weather less hazardous. TFT nozzles are utilized worldwide by major passenger airlines, express package delivery companies, and military agencies and have set the standard for ice control nozzles.

valve ice control nozzle
Slide-type Valve with for optimum reach Heat-resistant EPDM Seat
– The valve design allows the operator to control the flow through the nozzle while minimizing turbulence that causes shear and degradation of anti-icing fluids.
Pistol Grip – The pistol grip and flow-control handle are insulated to protect the operator from the high temperatures generated by fluids passing through the nozzle.
Automatic Pressure Control - with Slide-type Valve for optimum reach
Pattern Control – This nozzle features a "toothless" bumper to reduce turbulence and can be easily adjusted for any desired spray pattern between a straight stream or wide spray pattern.

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